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Solstice Building

DArlin Enterprises has 4 spaces available for commercial lease in the Solstice Building

Two units are 480 sqft (20’ x 24’)

Two units are 1176 sqft (30’ x 36’ plus)

Lease duration – minimum 1 year



480 sqft units
1176 sqft units
Owner Responsibilities


Each unit will be ready for tenants with

  • Sheetrock walls primed.

  • Suspended ceiling grid will be installed.

  • Ceiling tiles will be installed by us after tenant improvements and lighting.

  • Lobby bathroom for employee use.

Owners will provide

  • Water, sewer, heat, ventilation, security for lobby and building exterior, and snow removal.

  • Phone/Internet connections in a central location for tenant.

  • Separate electric meter for each unit.

  • Maintenance and regular upkeep for the lobby, lobby bathroom, and building exterior.

  • Location for a sign along the Highway easement.

Tenant Responsibilities


  • Submit plans for State Fire Marshall approval

  • Insurance

  • Monthly costs for electric, phone, internet, security (tenant space only), and trash removal.

  • Painting, lighting, and flooring in the unit.

  • Tenants are responsible for additional build out work as required including walls, dividers, electrical, and plumbing.

    • All work shall be done by licensed contractors.

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